Brochure circa 1960s: Courtesy of Dan Donahue
Plattsburgh, New York -- 446 Route 3

Plattsburgh was constructed during Howard Johnson's peak expansion years, and was opened in May of 1965. Located on "The Northway" this HoJo's was ideally sited to capture traffic near the Canadian/ U.S. border, not too far from Montreal. 

The Restaurant was a special prototype design intended to be built in very busy locations. It was larger than the Nims, "T-style," or later Mansard Restaurant buildings, and employed many innovated features. The Company called it their "Concept '65" Restaurant design. Variations of this type of Restaurant were built in, Miami, Nashua, Atlanta, Glens Falls, and Dallas. Additionally Restaurants in Niagara Falls and Lake George were renovated to appear similar.


Plattsburgh's Motor Lodge featured many amenities including a practice golf range!

Note the Commissary Express delivery truck in the right portion of the image. It was decked out in HoJo's "Happiness Comes in 28 Flavors" happy ice cream cone theme.


Postcard circa 1960s
These three images document minimal changes to the Plattsburgh HoJo's from its opening well into the 1990s. Not long after the new circa 1986 signage was introduced, the Motor Lodge was renovated resulting in the Gate Lodge's "squaring off" and decapitation.
Brochure circa 1980s: Courtesy of Dan Donahue
Brochure circa 1990: Courtesy of Dan Donahue

Howard Johnson's Landmark: December, 1966; pages 1 & 5
Heralded as "the restaurant of the future" by Howard Johnson Restaurant operators, the Concept '65 design was enhanced by its A-frame roof which architecturally blended the Motor Lodge and Restaurant facilities in the minds of patrons. Inside it was arranged with dining rooms that flanked the center placed Dairy Bar area. Plattsburgh's capacity was a whopping 193 diners! Interestingly, and well-ahead of its time, the Restaurant featured facilities for the handicapped that included ramps, handrails, and wide doors--remember that this was in 1965, long before the ADA.
Spacious lobby . . . Enlarged vestibule area has free-standing cashier's center and resale area on the right, restrooms and phones up front, eliminating cross traffic, minimizing congestion and allowing better control of waiting lines. Another unique feature is the placement of the service and pickup areas; they are directly behind the fountain. As shown above, this design allows increased space for the takeout area.
Elegant . . .
Dining room decor departs from past tradition. Wood paneling, red brick and open balustrades are used with woven bamboo drapes, unusual ceiling and wall bracket fixtures, stately chairs and deep-tufted booths to acheive a most harmonious whole.
The Cocktail Lounge area was off to left side.

Photograph September, 1997: Courtesy of Nate Coggeshall-Beyea