Postcard circa 1960s
Syracuse-Carrier Circle, New York -- 6527 Thompson Rd
Also known as the Syracuse-DeWitt location, the Motor Lodge and Restaurant were officially opened in July of 1961. The complex was sited near the one-time industrial powerhouse Carrier Corporation. A little more than 100 years ago Willis H. Carrier developed air-conditioning which revolutionized the modern world. The Corporation that bore his name was created in 1915 and eventually became a part of the colossus that is United Technologies Corp. based in Connecticut. As Syracuse's industrial economy faltered, the fortunes of the Carrier Circle Howard Johnson's waned and lost the HoJo's name in about 1995. Then in the early 2000s it was closed and sold at public tax sale. At one point it was even offered on eBay!

Photographs May, 2002
Photographs 2005: Courtesy of Jack Thomas
Note that the Restaurant's porcelain enamel Orange roof tiles were not used on the back side of the roof--a cost-saving measure used where potential patrons did not have a clear view of the rear of the Restaurants.