Postcard circa 1970s: Dan Donahue
Henderson, North Carolina -- 200 Parham Rd

Amazingly the Henderson Howard Johnson's Restaurant existed until the middle 1990s as one of North Carolina's last HoJo's. Alas today the building is long gone. It was apparently built behind the Lobby--partially facing the access road in the front of the property. Interestingly, authentic Landmark tables and chairs were rescued from the restaurant and had been arranged in the rear part of the lobby, which I assume served as an area for guests to have continental breakfast or other snacks. Built in the cost saving Mansard Roof style, this location opened in the Summer of 1974.

Photographs February 1997: Bob Venditti
Photographs July 28, 2002: Kummerlowe
Photographs 2003: Bob Venditti
Bob Venditti was lucky to have been a guest at the Henderson Howard Johnson on two occasions. By his visit in 2003, the Restaurant had been demolished. He noted that "the rooms were very good...this latest stay got me into a first floor 'Home Office' room, which sported a glass-enclosed shower." Venditti added that exterior modifications were minimal, and his room was "top-notch."
Photographs circa 2000s: Phil Edwards
Seen below was an empty area which had been the site of the Howard Johnson's Restaurant.
Photographs July 6, 2006: Marcus Nauman
The vintage Mansard Manor gave up the Howard Johnson brand by 2006 and was operating as an America's Best Value Inn.
Image circa 2010s: Loopnet
Listed as being for sale on Loopnet, the property was seen later with its signs blacked out and apparently not in business as evidenced by the Google Street view.
Google Street View circa 2010s

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