Postcard circa 1960s: Tim & Tom Bernert
Salisbury, North Carolina
-- 321 Bendix Dr

A relatively early standardized Motor Lodge, Salisbury was opened in about 1961. By the 2000s, most of the Motor Lodge had been demolished and replaced by new buildings. Two 2-story sections remained in 2002 including one that was set on a slope so that the top floor on one side of the building appeared to be at ground level.

A night at the Motor Lodge was $25 plus $1.00 in tax when we stayed in room 556 on December 29, 1978!

Photographs July 28, 2002: Kummerlowe
Photographs November 2002: Bob Venditti
The former Motor Lodge operated as a Roadway Inn during the early 2000s.
Photographs July 28, 2002: Kummerlowe
Photographs October 2002: Phil Edwards
Photograph November 2002: Bob Venditti
Photograph April 2003: Phil Edwards
Believed to have ceased being a Howard Johnson's Restaurant in 1985, Salisbury operated for a number of years as Charlie Browns. Subsequently the site was converted into a couple of less successful eateries before it was demolished--an Enterprise vehicle rental outlet came to occupy part of the former HoJo's space.
Photographs June 11, 2007: Steven LJ Russo
Following its stint as a Roadway Inn, the former Motor Lodge's newer buildings were converted into a Day's Inn while the remaining original sections became the Economy Inn.

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