Brochures circa 1970s: Courtesy of Dan Donahue
Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania -- 101 Broad Street, I-80 - Exit 53
AKA Stroudsburg

An early Eastern U.S. Mansard-type, the Delaware Water Gap complex was opened in about 1971. Featuring an integrated Restaurant, the property was arranged in a 'U' with two guest buildings and both an indoor and outdoor pool.

Photograph October, 1992 courtesy of Stephen & Marcus Nauman
A stop for the traveling Nauman brothers, Delaware Water Gap had been converted into a Ramada Inn yet still wore its Orange Roof tiles. Marcus Nauman recalled that the restaurant was still a Howard Johnson's when he and his brother visited the site back in 1992!

Photographs March 29, 2007

Right: A note on the gutted lobby advised potential patrons to visit room 208, but the former HoJo's had given up the ghost...

Left: Twice recycled HoJo's street sign advertised the Pocono Inn.

Having maintained the Ramada brand until the middle 2000s, Delaware Water Gap went independent. Calling itself the Pocono Inn, flood waters inundated the property in 2006. For a period of time its owners kept the second floor open to guests whilst they attempted to renovate the first. However customers and funding soon ran out causing the former HoJo's to be shuttered--an uncertain fate awaits the former Howard Johnson's...
Above: Some time before the flood, the property's exterior pool had been filled in.
Photograph March 29, 2007: Courtesy of Dan Donahue