Postcard circa 1960s
New Stanton, Pennsylvania
 -- 112 W Byers Ave

The New Stanton Motor Lodge boasted "87 deluxe, air conditioned rooms equipped with color TV, radios, and other luxurious appointments." A somewhat early Motor Lodge, it was opened in 1960 near the Pennsylvania Turnpike's New Stanton interchange. Having celebrated in forty-fifth anniversary in 2005, it has had an exceptionally long run as a Howard Johnson's!

Not to be confused with the New Stanton Service Plaza Restaurant along the Turnpike, this was a complete Motor Lodge and Restaurant complex. The Restaurant had been owned by the Howard Johnson Company, and was one that was directly acquired by Marriott in 1985. Like many other Keystone State HoJo's, New Stanton prospered under the Orange Roof and was not converted into a Big Boy or other brand. When Marriott exited the restaurant business it transferred new Stanton to Franchise Associates Incorporated (FAI) which operated it from 1991 until the late 1990s. Its end came when FAI cashed in on its valuable real estate and the long-lived restaurant was demolished to make way for a Sheetz.

Connellsville Daily: 7-26-1961
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Photograph March 30, 2007

Postcard postmarked March 8, 1984
Still with its gleaming Orange Roof including the Lamplighter and unstuccoed guest wings, a lucky patron named Frances spent a cold rainy night at New Stanton back in March of 1984. No doubt she turned her RCA Color TV on from the convenient Pamper Panel and used the room's Direct Dial Phone to let her family know that she had arrived safely. She was on her way to North Carolina from Oshawa, Ontario. Before departing, she ate a quick meal in the adjacent HJ Restaurant that was open 24 Hours.
Photograph 2003: Courtesy of Phil Edwards
Photo July 2003: Courtesy of Bob Venditti
Photo March 30, 2007
Photographs August 7, 1999