Postcard circa 1958: Kummerlowe
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania -- 127 S Gulph Road
King of Prussia--Phildalphia Area

Amongst the earlier standardised Motor Lodges, Valley Forge opened in about 1958 and featured a "squat Gate Lodge" and with guest wings spread out over expansive grounds in a park-like setting with a circa 1955 Restaurant across the street.

Advertisement circa 1958: Dan Donahue
Ultra-moderne in every way, the Valley Forge Motor Lodge was featured in industry trade periodicals!
Postcard circa 1958: Kummerlowe
Postcard circa 1966: Kummerlowe
Postcard circa 1979: Kummerlowe
Brochure circa 1966: Kummerlowe
Images circa 2010s: Google

Developed in the latter 1950s, The Valley Forge Howard Johnson's Complex epitomized the ideal of the 1950s "Luck be a Lady" theme, for its site was pure gold! One of the most successful shopping complexes in the United States of America came to be sited across the road from its location!!

Brochure circa 1960s: Dan Donahue
Match book cover circa 1969: Kummerlowe
Matchbook circa 1970s: Kummerlowe
Brochure circa 1970s: Dan Donahue
Brochure circa 1980s: Dan Donahue
Postcard circa 1980s: Kummerlowe
Photographs July 2008: Phil Edwards

Above: Recycled "rounded edge" street sign

Surviving largely intact save for the Gate Lodge into the 2000s, by the latter 2010s the circa 1950s guest buildings were demolished and replaced. Yet some of the newer circa 1960-70s wings remained intact albeit greatly altered.

Following its many years as a Howard Johnson's the Motor Lodge became a well-operated Best Western.

Located across from the Motor Lodge, the Restaurant is believed to have opened in about 1955. Seen in these 2000s photographs still evidencing part of the original structure. Alas the Nims-style building was replaced some time after 2012.
Photograph circa 2004: Jack Sheppard

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