Postcard circa 1960s courtesy of Tim & Tom Bernert
Lancaster, Pennsylvania -- Lincoln Hwy East US 30
The Lancester stand-alone Restaurant was a Howard Johnson's from about 1940 to 1963. Built on the eve of World War II it was a licensed location owned by a Mr. Lattomus.

Photographs courtesy of Phil Edwards
Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania -- US 19 & Rt 806
Opened in about 1957 as a classic Nims-type Restaurant, Phil Edwards reported that it may have been called the White Elephant restaurant prior to its conversion into a Ground Round.

Howard Johnson's Landmark 1964 courtesy of Nate Coggshall-Beyea
Philadelphia-City Line, Pa. -- 7520 City Line Ave

City Line was Philadelphia's first Howard Johnson's Restaurant. Opened in 1940, the original building was replaced when a "new" Nims-type was opened on November 7, 1964.


From the Howard Johnson's Landmark: A contrast in Howard Johnson's architecture--spanning 24 years--was very obvious to residents of the greater Philadelphia area as a new restaurant was built on the same location as the old one. This in itself is not unusual unless the new restaurant is built before the old one is torn down. The ribbon cutting ceremony was officiated by Dr. I. M. Levitt, director of Fels Planetarium and one of the top 10 space astronomers in the world. One might say that business is so good, we are building restaurants everywhere...even in our own front yard!

Advertisement May 1941: Courtesy of Bill Hludik
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- Roosevelt (U.S.1) @ Adams Ave.
If City Line was the first, then the stately neo-colonial at the intersection of Roosevelt Blvd. and Adams Avenue was the second Howard Johnson's in the Philadelphia area. It opened in about 1940 and remarkably survived the Second World War. Incredibly long-lived the unit was not closed until Howard Johnson's demise in 1985 -- the building was apparently demolished not long after its closure.