Warrendale North Hills Daily News: 10-1964
Wexford, Pennsylvania -- 10583 Perry Hwy US 19
This circa 1957 HoJo's used a classic Nims-type building. Phil Edwards said that before it was a Ground Round that it may have been a White Elephant Restaurant. Not long after Mr. Edwards visited the site it was demolished in 2005 and replaced by 5th 3rd bank.
circa 1961
Photographs November, 2003 courtesy of Phil Edwards

Williamsport Sun Gazette: circa 1972
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
 -- Loyal Plaza Shopping Center 
Originally opened in about 1965, Williamsport was apparently remodeled in 1972.

Below: Still extant when the satellite view was created, it is not known if the building remains standing. (Orange was used on the roof to enhance the image).
Satellite view © Microsoft Corp.