Photograph March 15, 2006
Independent for a number of years the former HoJo's Motor Lodge eventually added the Red Carpet Inn badge to its name--having a brand ensures at least minimal standard of quality and service. However in the case of Southeast, minimal should be emphasized!
Photographs 2004: Courtesy of Phil Edwards
Photographs March 15 & 16, 2006
Since the Motor Lodge ceased using the HoJo's name prior to Prime Motor Inns' ownership of the brand, Southeast's exterior remained mostly intact.
Even the visual front created by the gate Lodge and Restaurant remained nearly unaltered.

While the Gate Lodge retained its shape and Orange Roof, an odd thing happened to its cupola! Originally both the Restaurant and Gate Lodge sported Spire/Cupolas topped with weathervanes, but in the mid to late 1970s the Restaurant's was replaced with a Beacon. For an unknown reason after the complex lost the HJ name, the Spire/Cupola was removed from the Gate Lodge and the Restaurant's Beacon was set on top of its remnants.

Note that Hurricane Rita in 2005 damaged the precariously placed Beacon causing it to tilt to one side.