Postcards circa 1960s-'70s: Kummerlowe
Brattleboro, VT -- 1111 Putney Rd

Opened in the 1940s, the Brattleboro HoJo's was sited on a rotary at the north end of town where roads converged leading travelers in every direction. The venerable Howard Johnson's lasted until the 1990s and was then converted into a Bickford's.

Along with most of the rest of the Bickford's chain, Brattleboro's was closed. By 2015 it had been converted into Ramunto's Brick Oven Pizza.

Photograph circa 1980s: Dan Donahue
Postcard circa 1970s: Kummerlowe
photographs March 2001: Kummerlowe
Photographs 2001: Charles Hampshire
Photographs October 2002: Phil Edwards
Photographs August 26, 2004: Kummerlowe
Photographs May 28, 2005: Phil Edwards
Photographs August 26, 2004: Kummerlowe
Easily converted into a Bickford's, the former Howard Johnson's retained its classic and time-worn good looks! At least up into the middle 2000s Bickfords claimed nearly 60 locations, but by 2015 only four or five remained.
Photograph June 2005: Brian Florence
Photograph August 26, 2004:Kummerlowe
Photographs June 2005: Brian Florence

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