Reproduction postcard circa 1990s: Kummerlowe

Wigwam Village #2 -- Cave City, Kentucky
601 North Dixie Hwy


Constructed in 1935 by Frank Redford, Wigwam Village #2 consisted of 15 guest teepees, a restaurant, gas pumps, a gift shop, and restroom teepees labeled braves and squaws.

In all, seven Wigwam Villages were built making the idea a pioneer in standard design and an early chain using a franchising model. However the concept lacked a corporate structure rendering it unable to survive as more than a curiosity after its founder died.

A rare survival from another time, Cave City's Wigwam Village still calls out to passers-by with its unique eye-catching design. It is an American treasure of the Roadside.

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Business card circa 1950s: Kummerlowe

Photographs August 16, 2001: Kummerlowe
Photos 4/22/04: Kummerlowe
Photos 8/16/01: Kummerlowe
Photograph April 22, 2004: Kummerlowe
The wonderful neon "Sleep in a Wigwam" sign seen warmly glowing in 2001 was mostly dark in 2004 with only "office" with its arrow and the vacancy sign above it just barely flickering.
Photographs August 16, 2001: Kummerlowe
Photographs April 22, 2004: Kummerlowe
Photos 8/16/01: Kummerlowe
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