Postcard circa 1960s: Dan Donahue
Birmingham, Alabama
 --7911 Crestwood Blvd
Longest lived of Alabama's stand-alone Restaurants, the Howard Johnson's adjacent to the Motel Birmingham was opened in about 1954 and served its last meal of fried clams during some time in 1978. It is believed to have been a part the Holcomb family empire of Alabama hospitality offerings. The family also owned Birmingham's landmark Britlings Cafeteria outlets (note also that there was a connection with the Blue Boar Cafeteria chain--see Louisville HoJo's locations too).
Photograph October 18, 2003: Kummerlowe
1968-69 Southeastern AAA TourBook page 204: Kummerlowe
Postcard circa 1950s: Kummerlowe

Not related at all to Howard Johnson's, the Town Motel and the Bama Motel were two classic mid-20th century examples of roadside hospitality offerings located in the Birmingham area and seemed worthy of posting since both survived into the 21st century (and I like my sign photos!).

Caption: Town Motel -- 414 3rd Ave West (US 11) Sound and fireproof - private all tile baths - comfortable beds - carpeted and tiled floors - brick - central air-conditioning and heat - free TV. Owned and Operated by the builders Mr. & mrs. Charles D Mitchell & Son 20 units

Photos October 18, 2003: Kummerlowe
1968-69 Southeastern AAA TourBook page 204: Kummerlowe

Photographs 2002: Phil Edwards
Mobile, Alabama -- 3949 Government Blvd. (U.S. 90 West @ Azalea Rd)
Perhaps on the site of Mobile's stand-alone HoJo's, Hall's Catfish & Seafood was demolished by 2007. The Howard Johnson's Restaurant existed from the 1950s until about 1968.

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