Brochure circa 1980: Courtesy of Dan Donahue
San Francisco, California -- 580 Beach St
AKA Fisherman's Wharf

Plans announced in 1977 indicated that a Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge was to be opened in San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf area. However the four story 128 room Lodge was not ready for guests until early in 1979.

Certainly by end of the '70s, the Howard Johnson Company should have figured out that properties with in-city locations were not Motor Lodges and should have called them hotels or better yet, they should have coined some new, distinctive, and unique name for them. According to directories Fisherman's Wharf retained the Howard Johnson brand until the middle 1990s.


Photos March 2007: Courtesy of Connor Hochleutner

Not built to traditional Howard Johnson's specifications, the property was a harbinger of the destructive changes which ultimately led to the destruction of HoJo's hospitality empire.

Below: Conner Hochleutner was well received and permitted to take photos and an extensive tour of the property in its attractive and well regarded Courtyard guise.

Photos February & April 2005: Courtesy of Phil Edwards
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