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Photo April 2005: Courtesy of Phil Edwards

Right: Not indicative of HoJo's standard design, the stairwell is nonetheless a fascinating study of angles!
Photos March 2007: Courtesy of Connor Hochleutner
Left & Below: Since the property was non-standard, HoJo's fans would not have necessarily been pleased with the room or its oddly configured bathroom layout.


The non-standard property did not ever offer a full-service Orange Roof Restaurant, but patrons had other dining options in the upscale property. Moreover a host of stores and restaurants existed in the area, and the hotel's first two floors housed any number of shops to satisfy the needs of patrons. Connor Hochleutner described the building is a reversed L shape with the front section of rooms higher than the rest. He added that upon his visit many of the businesses were defunct and their storefronts were empty.

Above & Below: Note that the property's courtyard area appears modern and well-kept, and remarkably managed to retain much of its 1970s design aesthetic.

Photo February 2005: Courtesy of Phil Edwards
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