Lobby card circa 1970s: Courtesy of Dan Donahue
Photo courtesy of Charles Hathaway
San Jose, California
AKA Airport
-- 1755 N 1st St 

The San Jose complex was built during Howard Johnson's rapid expansion in the California market. Opened in 1969, the Motor Lodge boasted traditional standardized architecture and amenities.

Initially the standardized highway-type Motor Lodge offered the choice of 94 guest rooms. Later, and most likely after the property relinquished its HJ name, an additional but non-standard guest building was constructed.

Left: Charles Hathaway discovered a HoJo's memorial in San Jose's courtyard. He noted that in addition to the Lamplighter preserved on its Spire that there was a plaque detailing the site's history--with a likeness of the Gate Lodge no less!

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Photos February 2005: Courtesy of Phil Edwards
Above & Below: Upon its conversion in 1994, the Motor Lodge's Gate Lodge was demolished, and replaced with an ugly boxy stucco encrusted lobby structure.
Below: Converted into a Fairfield Inn, the HoJo's lived to see another day, but its classic lines and curb appeal were all but eliminated behind boxes of stucco.
Left & Below: The two original trapezoid street signs were recycled--no doubt the signs were grandfathered and thus allowed to remain standing given current zoning which would not have allowed replacements.
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