Brochure circa 1970s: Dan Donahue
New Britain, CT -- 65 Columbus Blvd @ Bank St
Sharing design elements with several other multi-story Motor Lodge and Restaurant complexes of its era, New Britain opened in 1970. High rises were construed as more modern than the traditional highway type Motor Lodge and a handful were built and operated by the Howard Johnson Company to serve as models for prospective franchisees. The new Britain property offered 120 guest rooms in its 6 stories, as well as an indoor all-weather swimming pool. Moreover it boasted of having three restaurants including a traditional Orange Roofed Howard Johnson's.
Luxurious living...
Here are all the comforts of home. Plus some you'd expect to find only ar a smart resort. Indoor pool, for example, and two Sauna Baths...separate ones for women and men. Executive suites, twin doubles and all with double closet. Your room's decor is modern, restful, cheerful... and the beds so comfortable you'll make them your standard od comparison from now on. You'll enjoy color TV...24-hour switchboard service...and, for comfort the way you want it, you'll have independent control of your own heating in winter and your own air conditioning in summer. And for the "lazy bones" a bedside master control for every outlet in the room.

Above and Below: Room decor described in the brochure as "modern, restful, cheerful" was anything but! Imagine trying to sleep in one of those busy rooms--you'd likely need a motion-sickness bag before too long!
Brochure circa 1970s: Courtesy of Dan Donahue
... Even if you only stop here overnight ...
... On business or pleasure or with your family on vacation ...
... You'll be pleasantly surprised to find ...
... In addition to our refreshing accommodations ...
so much to see and do at our Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge
here in New Britain.

We've not only 125 rooms for travel weary guests, but we've a bit of something for practically everybody. From the most dedicated sales manager conducting a meeting all the way to mature couples leisurely dining on the fine food prepared by our chefs. From couples out on the town to those under 12 who are accommodated stay here free of charge if they share the same accommodations as their parents. Free cribs too.

Yet for all our activity and valued clientele we're still the favorite of the traveling business man. For week in and week out he knows we protect him with the kind of reservations we know he wants. He likes the way our New Britain location serves the greater Hartford area. And of course that nearby 18-hole golf course doesn't hurt us either. And for those who are looking for an "escape weekend" our indoor pool adds that guarantee of pleasure. For your convenience we honor most major credit cards.


Gourmet dining with a personal touch...
We've become the New Britain rendezvous for the lovers of fine food ... perfectly prepared and exquisitely served in the personal manner of the Old World traditions. Yet your choice here may range all the way "from a Fountain Treat to a
Gourmet Feast." with three restaurants to choose from. Your 'e probably already familiar with our far-famed Sunday Afternoon Buffet ... one of the most extraordinary arrays of dishes to ever tempt your taste buds. Probably heard, too, about our Tavern Near the Green ... pure Gaslight Lounge, with its live entertainment nightly ... and, most of all, our Specialty of the House: our whopping 23-ounce Bloody Mary.
Below: New Britain's Gaslight Lounge was lavishly decorated in what might might be described as "bordello-esque!" Note the risque nude in the far background--to the right in the image below and left in the lower view.

Lobby card ca. 1990s: Dan Donahue
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