1986 Marriott Annual Report: Larry Passaro
Claymont, DE 
 --689 Naamans Road


Having been neutered by the Marriott Corporation following its purchase of the Howard Johnson's empire in 1985, the Claymont, Delaware outlet was converted into a Bob's Big Boy. But by the end of the 1990s Marriott changed course and exited food service, leaving its franchised and corporately owned locations high and dry. Harry Bissell, in the early 1990s, who was a long-time HoJo's franchisee stepped in and resurrected Claymont as a Howard Johnson's!

Located just off of I-95 at the first exit south of the Pennsylvania state line, the Claymont stand-alone Restaurant opened in 1969. An excellent location, it was built adjacent to a bustling commercial roadside strip that included a large parcel of land for possible Motor Lodge construction. The land was eventually developed with a Home Depot and several out-parcel establishments, but no Motor Lodge was ever built.

Photo August 1999: Kummerlowe
Photographs November 3, 1998: Kummerlowe
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Photograph August 1999: Kummerlowe
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A kitchen fire in 2001 put the Restaurant out of service for several months. Subsequently the location was reopened, but by 2002 it had lost the storied Howard Johnson's name. It and its sister location on the other side of Wilmington became uninspired local eateries called Crossroads restaurants.

By the 2010s no sign of Claymont remained, for A WaWa came to occupy its space...


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