Photographs 2002: Phil Edwards
Photos 1999: Kummerlowe
ABOVE: A couple of satisfied patrons enjoyed their breakfast at the Dairy Bar. Note the Howard Johnson's breakfast menus!
BELOW: A considerable factor in the Isken family's success was not only in treating its patron's right, but they also did well by their employees too. That loyality, care, and dedication is evidenced by the tenure of some of their loyal staff which is exemplified by waitress Vivian Bolinski who graciously posed for the photo below. She was a "Johnson Girl" at the Concord Pike HoJo's for over thirty years!
Photo August 7, 1999: Kummerlowe
ABOVE: Me and my grandmother at Concord Pike!
Photograph October 2000: Kummerlowe
Photograph 2002: Phil Edwards
Photographs 2003: Phil Edwards
In September 2002 the Isken's sold their Restaurant to Thomas G. Hatzis who was a real estate investor and car dealership dealer owner. At first Mr. Hatzis who was a regular at the HoJo's indicated that he had no plans to leave the franchise. However with Franchise Associates Inc. no longer able to offer much support to franchisees, Mr. Hatzis decided to leave the chain and the Restaurant lost its Orange Roof by November of 2003.
ABOVE & BELOW: Phil Edwards who while visiting the Restaurant in 2003, was approached by the gentlemen seated at the Dairy Bar who wanted to know if he was interested in purchasing "The World of 28 Flavors" panels and said to him "make us an offer."
Photographs June 10, 2003: Mark Ihrie
Photos 2002 & 2003: Phil Edwards
Photograph August 4, 2002: Kummerlowe
Concord Pike's cupola was replaced in the 1970s with the "Beacon" cupola shown above. The original cupola was similar to the one last seen at Kirkwood, Missouri
Photographs 2002 & 2003: Phil Edwards
Photograph 2003: Bob Venditti

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