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Lobby card circa 1970s: Larry Passaro
Brochure circa 1960s: Larry Passaro

Note the lack of fence around the swimming pool and its unusual shape pointing to the Cape--and the telescope!

Click here for another complete circa 1960s multi-panel brochure in pdf

Photographs October 2003: Phil Edwards
Photograph January 2005: Bob Venditti
Photographs April 2003: Kummerlowe
Brochure ca. 1960s: Kummerlowe
Brochure circa 19960s: Larry Passaro
Photographs April 2005: Kummerlowe

Posing as potential patrons on our 2005 HoJo-Palooza, Dan Donahue and I were helpfully guided through the Motor Lodge into a guestroom by a courteous staff member.

Above & Below: Remodeled in the 2000s, the guest rooms were clean and much to the HoJo's lover's delight the bathrooms were incredibly original right down to the silent swoosh flush toilets and glass patterned tub doors!

Photograph April 2003: Dan Donahue
Photographs April 2005: Kummerlowe
Photographs April 16, 2008: Kummerlowe

Above: Tastefully repainted, the Motor Lodge maintained its good looks until the early 2010s

YouTube video posted by "vold1717" and published on November 10, 2009.
Brochure circa 1960s: Kummerlowe
The Titusville Motor Lodge hung on as a Howard Johnson's for about 36 years and remained largely intact for slightly more than Fifty years.
Google view circa 2018
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