Postcards circa 1960s
Panama City, Florida -- 4601 W U.S. 98

A middle 1960s creation on St. Andrews Bay, the Panama City Howard Johnson's complex grew over the years to include two additional guest buildings that were built on the site of the adjacent old-style motel after it had been demolished.

Note the two hotspots in the image below. Both the House of Can and the Bay Villa Motel will have been demolished to make way for new development.

Satellite image from Google Earth

Photograph July 31, 2005
Photograph June 2003: Courtesy of Bob Venditti
Photograph November 4, 2001

Last of the Orange Roofs
Opened in the late spring of 1964, Panama City, Tampa-North, and Vero Beach (now altered) are the last of the original Motor Lodges in continuous operation in the Sunshine State.

At their peak, the Howard Johnson Company counted more than NINETY HJ Motor Lodges in Florida. By 2006 fewer than TEN of those original standardized locations were branded as Howard Johnson's.

Photographs July 31, 2005