Horne's Locations in Delaware:
Newark New Castle
Please note that locations listed above are from Horne's directories and other sources.

Postcard postmarked 7-20-85: Courtesy of Larry Passaro
Newark, Delaware -- 1120 S. College Ave
Like many of the other Horne's complexes built in the middle 1960s, Newark's featured 100 standardized guest rooms--all with color TV, as well as the typical Crown Room Restaurant, Grill Room, and Gift Shop. Interestingly the Horne's with its bright yellow roofs was directly across the street from the gleaming orange roofs of Newark's HoJo's!
Above: After its Horne's days, the property was lightly disguised and operated as The Iron Hill Inn Motor Lodge until at least the late 1980s.

Photographs circa 2000s: Courtesy of Phil Edwards
By 1990 Newark's former Horne's had become a Comfort Inn, and during the 2000s it had adopted the lower end Quality Inn moniker. Remarkably it retained its general layout. And even more, its restaurant/highway stop building continued to be viable in any number of guises.

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