Ocala, Florida
--3805 W. Silver Springs Blvd @ I-75

A new dimension in highway hospitality, personal service, comfort and luxury. One hundred Soundproofed Rooms Heated Pool, beautiful Crown Room for dining, Golden Spur Cocktail Lounge. Convenient to Local Attractions.

Early on, Horne's Motor Lodges had become affiliated with the Master Host brand in order to garner patrons through its referral system.
Brochure ca. 1970s: Dan Donahue
Postcard views circa 1970s

Photographs June 3, 1968: Courtesy of Cynthia H.Scott

Roadtrip Memories
Like millions of Americans in the Nation's Heartland during the 1960s, Cindy Scott journeyed to Florida by car with her parents to enjoy its warm sunshine and many vacation attractions.

Ms. Scott fondly recalled her several roadtrips to the Sunshine State, and the excitement of seeing billboards and signs along the way that counted down the miles to the next Stuckey's, Horne's, or HoJo's! On one of her treks into the Southland, her family stopped and stayed at the Ocala Horne's Motor Lodge where she and her family enjoyed a swim in the pool back in the summer of 1968!

Brochure ca. 1970s: Dan Donahue
Photographs June 3, 1968: Courtesy of Cynthia H.Scott

Photos 1969: Courtesy of Larry Passaro
Higher, Left, Below & Lower: In its prime, Ocala's roadsigns and eye-catching yellow roofs captured the attention of motorists as they headed south along I-75 into the Sunshine State!
Postcard circa 1970s (detail): Kummerlowe Archive

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