Photos August, 1977: Courtesy of Bob Venditti

Back in the summer of 1977 when Bob Venditti overnighted in Ocala the Horne's Motor Lodge was operating as a Rodeway Inn. He remarked that the place "had great curb appeal from the interstate," but that even though his room was okay it was "a bit dated for 1977!"

Above: Ocala's Holiday Inn was just across I-75 from the Horne's, and its Great Sign can be seen in the background of Bob's early morning shot.


Photo 2004: Kummerlowe Archive
Below: By the middle 2000s, the once bright yellow roof tiles on the distinctive lobby building had been replaced with standard asphalt shingles.
Photos 2000s: Courtesy of Trevor Widen
Above: The Ocala Motor Lodge became the last in the chain. Unfortunately its current proprietors don't know how to spell "Motor Lodge."

Having experienced many changes over the years, the Ocala Horne's Motor Lodge lost its original restaurant and gift shop--a Denny's was built in its place. The Motor Lodge operated as a Rodeway Inn for a period of time and then reverted to the Horne's moniker.
Above & Left: Although in disrepair and well worn, the Motor Lodge's swimming pool appeared reasonably maintained and inviting--sans its diving board of course.

Quiet Restful Enjoyable
And now Horne's Motor Lodges bring you a sparkling new dimension in highway hospitality ... in personal service ... in sheer comfort and luxury ... roadside living at its pleasure-filled best. Accommodations are economical with surprisingly low rates for families and groups.

Like its exterior resemblance, Horne's guest room interiors were also uncannily Holiday Inn-like, for they were nearly identical in dimension and offered the same general layout including an open-to-the room vanity area.
Lower: Note too some HoJo's-esque features, like the through-the-door maid request/do-not-disturb/ security lock and also the built in tissue dispenser!

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