Horne's in Sourth Carolina:
Florence Pee Dee Santee Yamassee
Please note that locations listed above are from Horne's directories and other sources.

Brochure circa 1970s: Larry Passaro
Florence, South Carolina
-- 831 S Irby Street
Constructed at about the same time as the Fayetteville Horne's, the 110 room Florence motor lodge featured a similar lobby structure and sign. And like Fayetteville's, it was highly touted in Horne's postcards and brochures.
  110 Spacious Rooms
  10 Channel Cablevision
  Direct Dial Phones
  Near Municipal Airport
  Horneblower Lounge
  Steak House
  Banquet Meeting Space
  Room Service
Left: Topped with a spinning 3D neon "bejeweled" crown, Florence's towering sign would have been a sight to behold!
Below: Seems hard to believe in this day and age of hundreds of channels, but EIGHT back in 1964 was a big deal--now if we could just find something worth watching!
Florence Morning News; 6-9-64
Brochure views circa 1970: Courtesy of Larry Passaro
Postcard circa 1970s: Kummerlowe Archive

Photographs November 2006: Courtesy of Phil Edwards
"Horne's is impressive in design and luxuriously furnished. Featuring its own Country Restaurant and Steak House, southern food with a home cooked flavor awaits you. Convenient to everywhere, it is the ideal stop for travelers or anyone who wants to eat, sleep or relax."
Right: Having become a Country Hearth Inn & Suites by the middle 2000s, Florence's apparently recycled street sign suggests that it could have been a Shoney's Inn.
Below: Perhaps as an unintended visual bonus, the shot below shows a "Colonial" style former A&P store that had been located up and across from the Horne's.

Florence Morning News; 6-21-65
Brochure views circa 1970 (above and lower): Courtesy of Larry Passaro
Florence Morning News; 3-9-67
Florence Morning news; 6-11-67
Florence Morning News; 8-23-77
Photographs November 2006: Courtesy of Phil Edwards
Photograph 2005: Courtesy of Robby Delius

Above & Below: Evolving over time, the Horne's Restaurant which had once featured a Circus Grille, Crown Room and Gift Shop came to be divided into two by the 2000s. On one side Carmen's restaurant served up finer fare, while on the other patrons could belly up to the buffet and serve themselves heaping portions of country style food.

Note that of the nearly 100 Horne's roadside eatery-stops, Florence had become just one of two that still referenced the Horne's name by the 2000s (However the other location, Port Royal was the only one to remain relatively true to the Horne's standardized formula and even maintained its gleaming bright yellow eye-catching lets-stop-there roof).

Photographs November 2006: Courtesy of Phil Edwards

Photographs 1995: Courtesy of Larry Passaro
Santee -- I-95 @ old U.S. 301 Lake Marion bridge

Only recently identified as the former Santee location by traveler Michael Lisicky, he recalled that the sprawling complex was along the west side of I-95 on the northern approach to the old Lake Marion bridge and added that there was nary a yellow roof at the site! The photographs taken by Larry Passaro in 1995 seem to indicate that the location was not purpose built. That is to say that it was perhaps a conversion of an existing motel. Current satellite reconnaissance shows only scarred earth and the footprint of the one-time Horne's.

It is likely that there was once a stand-alone yellow roofed restaurant along U.S. 301 in the vicinity, but that its operations were at some point transferred to the complex that faced I-95.

Above: The sign seemed to have been recycled by the Horne's. Note the shield shape on the right side that looks to indicate what may have been certified truck scales?
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