Lafayette-North Indinan Howard Johnson's
Postcard ca. 1960s: Kummerlowe Archive
Lafayette-North, Indiana -- 2200 US 52

Opened in 1958 what became known as Lafayette-North or By-Pass was the second Motor Lodge/Restaurant complex in the Hoosier State (Indianapolis-East was the first). Moreover its plan followed the Company's largely standardized design based on the early layouts devised by Rufus Nims (Check out Fort Myers and Ocala).

All ground level, the complex was spread out on a large pie-wedge shaped parcel and remained under the Howard Johnson's Orange Roof until about 1980. By the middle 2000s the Motor Lodge had been operating as Lafayette's Economy Inn, but was not in business and under renovation when Phil Edwards visited the site in 2004.

Below & Lower: While the Nims or Ranch-type Gate Lodge remained extant, the site's Restaurant had been replaced. Note that the Restaurant's light standards were recycled as was most of the original sidewalk which had been around the front of the building.
Photos July 2004: Phil Edwards