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Photos ca. 1960s: Kummerlowe Archive
Evansville, Indiana -- US 41 N
Apparently no trace of Evansville's circa 1962 Howard Johnson's Restaurant remains. A local billboard operator counted Evansville and the nearby Henderson, Kentucky HoJo's among its clients. The photographs seen here were included in a portfolio found in the former billboard company's records.

Fort Wayne
Postcard ca. 1960s: Tim & Tom Bernert
Fort Wayne, Indiana -- US 24 @ US 30 E
The Fort Wayne Restaurant was the first in Indiana, and opened in the 1940s. Believed to have been the only Colonial-style Howard Johnson's built in the Hoosier State, by 1960 it had lost its Orange Roof and operated as The Colonial Restaurant. Note that it's exact address is unknown as well as its ultimate fate.

Above: The Hammond Times; 8-30-57, D-7
Below: The Hammond Times; 9-27-57, A-8
Gary, Indiana
 -- 6859 Industrial Hwy

Likely opened in 1953, Gary was the second Howard Johnson's location in Indiana. Located in the Chicagoland area, no trace of it apparently remains. The site probably enjoyed a busy lunch rush for many years serving the adjacent industrial area.

Left: Newspaper advertisements indicated that Gary featured curb service during weekday evenings and on weekend afternoons.


Howard Johnson's Scoop, Sept. 1956 p. 30-31: Kummerlowe Archive
Indianapolis, Indiana
AKA In the Meadows
 -- 2816 East 38th St

Opened in September of 1956, this second Indianapolis area Restaurant was also called Howard Johnson's "In-the Meadows." The Meadows began its rapid development in the latter half of the 1940s during the post War boom and became a suburban destination. Many single family homes as well as several large apartment complexes were built in the area. The HoJo's complimented the newly built Meadows Shopping Center which was the first suburban shopping center of its type in the Indianapolis area.

Nothing remains of Indy's second Howard Johnson's which gave up its Orange Roof in about 1974, and the Meadows area itself went from a destination to a crime-ridden place to avoid.

Right: J.C. Perry, a graduate of the Cornell Hotel School, was the site's first executive manager.


Photo July 2004: Phil Edwards
Muncie, Indiana -- 2401 N Broadway
Directories place Muncie's circa 1953 Howard Johnson's Restaurant at 2401 N. Broadway. Phil Edwards discovered Richards Restaurant nearby at 2601 N. Broadway. Mr. Edwards believes that Richards could be the HoJo's greatly altered and readdressed.

Terre Haute
Terre Haute, Indiana -- US 40
The Terre Haute stand-alone HJ Restaurant opened in 1955 on Wabash Avenue next to the Ritz Plaza Motor Lodge just east of downtown. The Restaurant stayed open about 20 years. A Motor Lodge/Restaurant complex was built along I-70 in 1974 which replaced the original Restaurant on Wabash.