Photograph 2004: Phil Edwards
Sanders Cafe Museum & KFC Restaurant
--688 US Highway 25 W, Corbin KY

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Photographs April 2005: Kummerlowe

Above Marker Inscription:
Colonel Harland Sanders began the part of his life that brought him fame in a small gasoline service station in the opposite side of the highway. Born on September 9, 1890, near Henryville, Indiana, he left school at twelve to support his family. He held a wide variety of jobs as farmhand, soldier, railroader, secretary, insurance salesman, and ferryboat operator until 1930 when he came to Corbin, moved his family into quarters behind the station and started pumping gasoline. This was than a main route to Florida from the north. Traffic slowed during the Great Depression so Sanders, who enjoyed cooking, augmented his meager income by selling meals to tourists. His food was liked. His His reputation grew and his career as a restaurateur began.

Below Marker Inscription:
In 1932 Colonel Harland Sanders bought the small restaurant near this site. Here he combined good cooking, hard work and showmanship to build regional fame for his fine food. His restaurant and a motel now gone, flourished. Yo serve his patrons better Sanders constantly experimented with new recipes and cooking methods. Here he created, developed and perfected his world famous Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe. In 1956 plans were announced for a Federal Highway to by-pass Corbin. Threatened with the traffic loss, Sanders, then 66, and undaunted, sold the restaurant and started travelling America selling seasoning, and his recipe for fried chicken to other restaurants. His success on this effort began the world's largest commercial food service system and made Kentucky a household word around the world

Photograph 2004: Phil Edwards
Photographs April 2005: Kummerlowe

Above: Recreation of Harland Sanders' office

Below: Recreation of the sample motel room used to entice travellers to overnight at Sanders Court.


Above: Recreation of the kitchen where Harland Sanders developed his secret recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Below & Lower: Historically significant memorabilia regarding Colonel Harland Sanders and the development of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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