Cocoa Beach, FL --Photographs May 20, 2005: Kummerlowe
Above & Lower: Examples of recycled "pagoda" Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurants. Note that the roof was often topped with a Colonel Sanders weathervane (see prior page for the weathervane).
Opelouses, LA --Photograph circa 1990s: Kummerlowe
Bartow, FL --Photograph circa 1990s: Kummerlowe
Unknown Location --Photograph circa 1990s: Kummerlowe
Americus, GA--Photograph circa 1990s: Kummerlowe
Lordsburg, NM --Photograph May 2004: Phil Edwards
Barnwell, SC --Photograph May 2004: Phil Edwards

Unknown, CA --Image circa 1970s: Kummerlowe Collection
Above: Prototype environmental mansard

Miami Beach, FL--Photographs 2006: Kummerlowe
Above: Example of the circa 1977 mansard building type that replaced the earlier "pagoda" restaurants. Note that this particular example in Miami Beach had been abandoned at the time of the photograph.
Unknown --Photos ca 1990s: Kummerlowe
LaPlace, LA --Photograph 1997: Kummerlowe
Above: Environmentalized mansard with most signage spelling out Kentucky Fried Chicken rather than just KFC.
Baton Rouge, LA --Photograph 1997: Kummerlowe
Unknown location --Photograph circa 1990s: Kummerlowe

Port Allen , LA --Photograph circa 2000s: Kummerlowe
Above: A hybrid location--save for signage and color scheme nothing prevents this non-distinct building's conversion into another concept.

North Marietta, GA --Photographs November 1999: Kummerlowe

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