Baton Rouge-West, La
 --234 Lobdell Highway (@ I-10)

Opened in about 1974, the Mansard style West location was the third and last of the Motor Lodges to have opened in the Baton Rouge area. It remained a HoJo's until 1987. Subsequently the site was converted into a Shoney's Inn and Shoney's restaurant, but by the 2000s the former Motor Lodge operated as a Best Western.

The Mansard Gate Lodge lobby remained recognizable, but the rest of the property was substantially altered.

Lobby card ca. 1990s: Donahue collection
Lobby card ca. 2000s: Kummerlowe
Photographs June 4. 2003: Scott Greer
Photographs December 2003: Phil Edwards
Lobby card ca. 1990s: Donahue collection
Photos December 2003: Phil Edwards

The Shoney's restaurant building reportedly replaced the original HoJo's Mansard in about 1994. During the middle 1990s Shoney's attempted to renew itself with an updated menu and architecture.

Below & Lower: Shoney's having largely failed at its reinvention efforts has quietly closed most of its outlets including the one built at the site of the former Baton Rouge-West Howard Johnson's Restaurant.

Here are a few more Shoney's remnants along the I-10/I-12 corridor in Louisiana

Photographs March 22, 2009: Kummerlowe

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