Yellow Pages ad 1970 page 322: EBR Parish Library
February 17, 2002: Kummerlowe

Baton Rouge, LA-Airline Hwy. (U.S. 61)
  • Opened ca. late 1960s?
  • Stand-alone Shoney's Big Boy restaurant
  • Featured Big Boy figural at entrance
  • Cathedral ceiling in main dining room
  • Modified California Coffee Shop architecture
  • Built across from the first Holiday Inn in Baton Rouge
July 26, 2005: Kummerlowe

February 21, 2009: Kummerlowe

Baton Rouge, LA-Airline Hwy. @ I-12
  • Opened ca. 1980s?
  • Featured Shoney's Restaurant and Shoney's Inn
  • Restaurant closed ca. 2008 & Inn rebadged as a Day's Inn
  • Towering Shoney's Inn sign removed in 2011
  • Restaurant made into Panda Buffet and motel divided into Knights Inn and Magnuson Hotel
Brochure circa 1990s: Dan Donahue
June 30 , 2012: Kummerlowe
February 21, 2009: Kummerlowe
June 30 , 2012: Kummerlowe

May 24, 1998: Kummerlowe

Baton Rouge, LA-Seigen Ln. near I-10
  • Opened ca. 1980s
  • Built on out-parcel of Seigen Village Shopping Center
  • Closed ca. 2008
  • Purchased in 2009 for $850,000 by Zhen Zheng
  • Plans announced 2-19-09 to convert it into Osaka Japanese restaurant
  • Japanese scheme fails and site becomes Twin Peaks in January 2012
February 21, 2009: Kummerlowe
March 17, 2012: Kummerlowe
February 21, 2009: Kummerlowe Archive

December 2003: Kummerlowe

Baton Rouge, LA-College Dr. near I-10
  • Opened ca. 1980s?
  • Stand-alone Shoney's restaurant
  • Demolished middle 2000s

March 22, 2009: Kummerlowe
Gonzales, LA-Hwy. 30 @ I-10
  • Opened ca. 1980s
  • Sited near Tanger Outlet Mall
  • Closed in mid 2000s after a grease fire
  • Reopened in 2008
  • Towering Interstate sign removed in 2010
  • Closed for good in 2011
  • Was the last Shoney's in the Baton Rouge, LA market
  • "Classic American Food" replaced with Mexican cuisine during 2012
Photographs March 16, 2012: Kummerlowe
Photograph March 23, 2012: Kummerlowe
Photograph May 8, 2012: Kummerlowe
Photograph June 15, 2012: Kummerlowe

Photograph June 30, 2012: Kummerlowe

Jennings, LA-Elton Rd @ I-10
  • Opened ca. 1980s during expansionary period
  • A highway location, Jennings may attract a few travellers as well as local patrons headed to Walmart
  • Its battered exterior tells of deferred maintenance, a sign that the site is running out of time

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