Photograph June 30, 2012: Kummerlowe
Jennings, LA-Elton Rd @ I-10
  • Opened ca. 1980s during expansionary period
  • A highway location, Jennings may attract a few travellers as well as local patrons headed to Walmart
  • Its battered exterior tells of deferred maintenance, a sign that the site is running out of time

Photograph circa 2011: Loopnet.com
La Place , LA 4293 New Highway 51 @ I-10
  • Opened in the 1980s
  • Popular highway location built at the last exit headed east before I-10's elevated route over the Bonnet Carré Spillway into New Orleans
  • Closed in December 2011
Photographs October 16, 2012

May 3, 2013: Kummerlowe
Slidell, LA- 1677 Gause Blvd Slidell, LA: U.S. 190 @ I-10
  • Another in the long string of locations opened in the 1980s
  • Was a long-lived Restaurant
  • Closed ca. 2010s

Photographs July 15, 2017: Kummerlowe
Lafayette, LA: 2208 NE Evangeline
  • 1980s long lasting location
  • Closed ca. 2010s

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