Falmouth, Maine
 -- 628 U.S. 1

Attesting to Howard Johnson's long standing popularity in Maine, Falmouth and several of Maine's other Restaurants remained HoJo's until the mid 1980s. The location was set to open on May 15, 1971 by licensee Paul H. Dantos.

Dantos had owned the Dover, NH restaurant, but sold it in order to build the one in Falmouth. His plans included a Motor Lodge adjacent to the Restaurant, but it never materialized. In describing Falmouth he said that "the lounge will have a mural of some local place in the area and will be really very plush."

Left: Long vacant, the former HJ was remade into the Foreside Tavern by Peter and Anne Verrill who recycled its Howard Johnson's street sign.


Photos ca. 2002: Jack Sheppard
Above & Below: The former Falmouth Howard Johnson's was vacant and going to seed in the early 2000s.

Postcards circa 1940: Kummerlowe Archive
Naples, Maine
 -- Roosevelt Trail Hwy Rt 302
Naples was one of the earliest Howard Johnson's to open in Maine and is listed in the 1937 directory/map. A large number of postcards were commissioned for the long lived Restaurant. On warm days patrons had the option of eating outside on the Restaurant's deck.
Newspaper ad 5-27-48

Newspaper ad 10-2-49
Portland, Maine
 -- 630 Congress Street

During Howard Johnson's vibrant post war expansion boom, many new licensees tried their hands at being restaurateurs. Downtowns were seen as untapped markets for new Restaurants, and agents were encouraged to set up shop in remodeled or converted "storefront" sites.

Karl Adams and his partner, a man named Parks, converted Langley's Restaurant on Congress Street into a Howard Johnson's in 1949. Langley's had been at the site since 1929. Mr. Adams was a Firestone agent and also operated a Howard Johnson's in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Harvard Square) at the corner of Boylston and Brattle Streets that had been opened in August of 1948. Moreover he was a graduate of the Harvard Business School. Unfortunately his Portland HJ on Congress Street was relatively short lived.

Howard Johnson Scoop: Sept. 1949, pages 5 & 6
Newspaper ad 11-6-50
Newspaper ad 7-3-49

American Restaurant Magazine: Feb. 1949 p. 32
Portland, Maine -- 463 Forest Ave
Opened in about 1937, this large Restaurant remained a Howard Johnson's for nearly 30 years. The Portland location and Howard Johnson's in general were touted in the February, 1949 issue of the American Restaurant Magazine for attractiveness, top advertising, ample parking, and menu variety.

Postcard ca.1950s: Kummerlowe Archive
 Wells, Maine -- US 1

Opened in 1938 by George W. Parker and Hazel Woods, a nurse from Marlboro, Massachusetts, Wells started as a seasonal location. A couple of years later Miss Woods and her partner opened a second HoJo's in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Then in the 1949 she and Parker sold Wells to Francis Hludik. The Hludik's owned and operated the Restaurant until 1982. In its last life, the stately former Howard Johnson's was called the Capri Family Bistro. A fire starting in the basement burned the building to the ground in 1991. By 1993 its site had been redeveloped as a gasoline station.


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