Photogragh circa 1960s: Nate Coggeshall-Beyea
North Oxford, Mass. -- 206 Southbridge Road

Sited at the boundry of Auburn and Oxford at the junction of Routes 12 and 20, the circa 1930s Restaurant called attention to itself with an oversized cupola! The giant "entry-cupola" was likely inspired by Dutchland Farms architecture--an early chain which was acquired by Howard Johnson's.

Similarly designed Howard Johnson's operated in Milford and Medford, and a few other locations.

Photograph September 1988: Larry Cultera
Long after its Orange Roofed days the Restaurant operated as Periwinkles Bar & Grille and Giorgio’s for more than 34 years under the proprietorship of Arnold Anthony Villatico Jr. and has wife Gina L. Villatico.
Photographs August 2002: Kevin Carroll
Photograph circa 2000s: Phil Edwards
Photograph November 2015: Nate Coggeshall-Beyea
Under the same ownership as Periwinkles, the Restaraunt was renamed J. Anthony’s Italian Grill at about the end of 2012. The remodeled site featured three function rooms for private parties, meetings and weddings and was named after Jason Anthony Villatico and his grandfather, the late Arnold Anthony Villatico Sr.
Photograph August 2002: Kevin Caroll
Photograph circa 2000s: Phil Edwards
Photograph November 2015: Nate Coggeshall-Beyea
Photos 8/2002: Kevin Carroll
Photo ca. 2000s: Phil Edwards
Photo 11/2015: Nate Coggeshall-Beyea
Photographs circa 2000s: Phil Edwards
Photographs November 2015: Nate Coggeshall-Beyea
Photograph circa 2000s: Phil Edwards
Below: Having ceased operations under The Orange Roof in the middle 1960s, the North Oxford Restaurant was reportedly slated for demolition but lived on in other guises well into the 21st century!
Newspaper clipping ca. 1966: Nate Coggeshall-Beyea

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