Postcard circa 1970: Kummerlowe
Bay City -- 6295 W. Side Saginaw Rd.
The Bay City Motor Lodge and Restaurant complex is believed to have opened in April of 1965, but the Motor Lodge had a relatively short life of only ten years under its Orange Roof. However the complex's Restaurant reportedly remained a Howard Johnson's location into the 1990s (more about the Restaurant on page 4).
Photographs August 2001 & April 2004: Kummerlowe
Reasonably well preserved for several years as a Best Western, the Motor Lodge subsequently operated as a Best Value Inn, Creekside Inn, Econo Lodge, and Valu Inn.

HIGHER: The towering highway sign with its recycled Best Western sign can.
ABOVE: Left as trash, the remains of the HoJo's Trapezoid highway sign rots away.
BELOW & LOWER: The diminished Gate Lodge...
Photographs July 2005: Phil Edwards
Photograph 2000s: Bobby Peacock
Photograph circa 2000s: Donald Dale Milne

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