Photos November 1987: Scott Sargent
Kansas City-East, MO (Independence)
 --4200 S Noland
Described by AAA's 1968-'69 TourBook, the Independence Motor Lodge featured "spacious landscaped grounds and large very attractive units" Refrigerators were said to have been available and rooms all featured TV with some color! The property opened in 1966 with 126 guest rooms, then later an addition increased the count to 174.
1968 AAA Tourbook, pg. 194: Kummerlowe Archive
Postcards ca. 1960s: Kummerlowe Archive

Photos November 2005: Phil Edwards
The Motor Lodge carried its Howard Johnson name through the 1990s. Subsequently it was converted into a Comfort Inn then a Quality Inn.
Above: The Cendant era post 1995 street sign was recycled with a Comfort Inn sign face and then one for Quality Inn.
Country Inns and Country Kitchen Restaurants were once both part of Carlson Companies. In the early 1990s Carlson and Howard Johnson International then directly controlled by Blackstone (an effort spearheaded by Henry Silverman later of Cendant infamy) entered into a "strategic agreement" which allowed each of its franchisees access to either brand. The agreement was short-lived but was likely responsible for the Independence Restaurant conversion. The Country Kitchen chain of restaurants was sold by Carlson in 1997 and is no longer related to Country Inns & Suites. Note: The Country Kitchen at the site of the former Independence Howard Johnson's was likely already out of business at the time of Phil's 2005 visit to the site.
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