Photographs November 2000
Long in decay, the once popular boardwalk area is once again being discussed as an asset to revitalize. By 2000, only the Howard Johnson's was occasionally open--all of the other businesses that had once catered to throngs of tourists had closed up. Unfortunately a revitalized boardwalk won't likely include the HoJo's, for its renovated building will most probably house a new occupant.
Photographs: Courtesy of Mark Ihrie
Photograph November 2000
Photograph 2005: Courtesy of Scott Banks

When Mr. DeBlasio visited Asbury Park the day after Christmas in 2003, he discovered in speaking with the owner that the Restaurant was "open for lunch daily." Dave said that he had a dish of vanilla ice cream and that it was the only flavor available. It's hard to believe that a day had come where a Howard Johnson's would only have one flavor--vanilla.

Photograph December 26, 2003: Courtesy of Dave Deblasio