July 1969 blurb
Niagara Falls-East, New York -- 6505 Pine Ave

Complementing the Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge and Restaurant located AT Niagara Falls, the East complex was opened in stages during 1968-69 at the site of original motor cabins which had served tourists on their way to the Falls. The Motor Lodge's original licensee operators were Dick Stein and Frank Turgeon.

2019 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the former Motor Lodge! It lasted as a Howard Johnson's for nearly 45 years before becoming an America's Best Inn.

Brochure circa 1970: Dan Donahue
Landmark, October 1968, page 6: Kummerlowe
The Howard Johnson's Restaurant at the "East" complex was opened prior to the Motor Lodge which was common practice for the Company during the halcyon years!
Photograph August 2008; Phil Edwards
After the Howard Johnson's Restaurant was closed it was razed and a Bob Evans was built nearby.
Brochure circa 1970: Dan Donahue
"Well Kinda... it was at least on the way to the Falls!"
Photograph May 2002: Kummerlowe
Photo 8-2008: Phil Edwards
Above: Recycled "rounded edge" street sign
Photos 5-2002: Kummerlowe
Above: Original "opaque" window!
Photograph August 2008: Phil Edwards
Photograph May 2002: Kummerlowe
Photographs August 2008: Phil Edwards
Photographs May 2002: Kummerlowe
Photograph August 2008: Phil Edwards

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