Landmark May 1969 page 5: Kummerlowe
Niagara Falls-Downtown -- 454 Main St


The Niagara Falls Howard Johnson's Restaurant was opened in about 1945 by Matilda Wafer. Having recognized the potential for Howard Johnson's and for the tourist trade at Niagara Falls, Matilda Wafer was the third licensee in upstate New York. She and her husband were experienced hoteliers and had entered the hospitality industry as early as 1928. Unfortunately he passed away before the Howard Johnson's was opened, but Mrs. Wafer carried on and she and her nephew David T. Fleck and his family built and maintained their own mini-hospitality empire at Niagara Falls.

The Restaurant was substantially remodeled in 1963 and reopened in May 1964. It is likely that the remodel influenced the Company's Concept '65 project (see Plattsburgh and Nashua).

Below: "The coed of Niagara!" Matilda Wafer celebrated here eightieth birthday in March 1969. She lived from 1889-1971 and was well-regarded for the active and beneficial role she played in her community.
Photograph May 2002: Kummerlowe
Brochure ca. 1970: Dan Donahue
Photograph May 2002: Kummerlowe
Above: Matilda Wafer's Orange Roofed Restaurant seen behind the Rainbow Bridge from the "Canadian Side."
Brochure ca. 1970s: Dan Donahue
Postcard ca. 1960s: Kummerlowe
Note that the vintage Niagara Falls street sign may have been the inspiration for the terrific Howard Johnson's sign that was created for the movie, The Wonder Boys, at Belle Vernon.
Brochure ca. 1980: Dan Donahue
Landmark May 1969 page 5: Kummerlowe

The classic 1940s Restaurant was reborn as '60s moderne after it was remodeled and re-opened in 1964. Operated by Mrs. Wafer and her nephew's family, the Restaurant remained a Howard Johnson's Restaurant until 1999. Subsequently it became Three Sisters Trading Post. A souvenir shop and snack bar, the business was begun by Mrs. Wafer's three great nieces; Linda Traver, Anita O'Hear and Kathy Olander.

Photographs May 2005: Kummerlowe
Photograph August 2008: Phil Edwards
Photograph May 2002: Dan Donahue
Photographs August 2008: Phil Edwards
Photographs May 2002: Kummerlowe
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