Postcard circa 1970: Kummerlowe
Asheville-South, North Carolina -- 190 Hendersonville Rd

This Motor Lodge & Restaurant complex was located near the gates of the famous Biltmore Estate, and opened in late 1967 or early 1968. The guest wings were of an unusual design for a HoJo's--featuring a shingled mansard similar to Colorado Springs.

Photographs November 25, 1998: Kummerlowe
Asheville-South's Restaurant was converted into Chatt's in 1985. It was a restaurant concept developed by Howard Johnson's in 1982. According to Restaurants/Institutions (July 1, 1982; 83) Chatt's was a "dinner house positioned between regular HoJo coffee shops and Red Coach Grilles" with the first one located in Chattanooga, TN in 1982. Following the demise of the Howard Johnson Company, Asheville's Chatt's became an independent eatery.
Photographs circa 2002; Phil Edwards
Asheville-South's A-frame gate Lodge is believed to have been demolished in the middle 1980s. Lobby space was created in what had been a part of the Restaurant.
Photographs circa 2005: Bob Venditti
Postcard circa 1970: Kummerlowe
Photograph circa 2005: Bob Venditti
Photographs October 2007: Phil Edwards
Photograph circa 2005; Bob Venditti
Photographs: Phil Edwards
Image circa 2012: Internet

On its well-positioned perch, Asheville-South's real estate became too valuable to continue to be used for the aging HoJo's Motor Lodge. The site was demolished in the summer of 2014. A mid-rise Holiday Inn & Suites with about 120 rooms was built by Butel, LLC and managed by Ushakant Patel and occupies the former Howard Johnson's site.

Images circa 2017: Google

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