Photograph October 2007: Kummerlowe
Postcards circa 1980s: Kummerlowe

Gold Rock's Howard Johnson's Restaurant was one of the last three in North Carolina -- making it until the middle 1990s. As recently as 2001 the Restaurant's dining room included its original eight sided HoJo's salad bar and many Landmark Supply fixtures. Moreover a poster advertising the Big Blue Pancakes Breakfast was on the door leading from the Motor Lodge lobby, and was a remnant of the Restaurant's last days as a Howard Johnson's.

Photo 2-29-2001: Kummerlowe
Photograph April 2003: Phil Edwards
Photograph October 2007: Kummerlowe
Photograph October 2002: Phil Edwards
Photograph circa 2000s: Bob Venditti
Photographs October 2007: Phil Edwards
Photographs October 2007: Kummerlowe
Photograph December 29, 2001: Kummerlowe
Images circa 2010s: Google
Finally giving up the ghost, the Gold Rock Motor Lodge became an unbranded property by the 2010s. However it may have been rebranded during the latter half of the 2010s as a Roadway Inn.
Postcard circa 1980s: Kummerlowe

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