Image 1952: Howard Johnson's Scoop
Charlotte-West, North Carolina -- 2401 Wilkinson Blvd

Built as North Carolina's second Howard Johnson's Restaurant, the location at 2401 Wilkinson Boulevard on the western side of Charlotte, was owned by Charlotte Restaurants Incorporated. It was opened in about 1951, and was adjacent to the Catalina Motor Lodge. The image above shows the Howard Johnson's staff as well as Charlotte's Mayor, Victor Shaw on the extreme left.

Postcard circa 1950s: Phil Edwards
Postcard circa 1960s: Kummerlowe

Described in AAA's 1960 Southeastern Tour Book, the Catalina Motor Lodge at 2403 Wilkinson Blvd. was an "inviting two-story motor hotel with large, very attractively decorated and tastefully furnished rooms."

Its adjacent Howard Johnson's restaurant was replaced with a new model built across the street in 1963 or '64 when the Charlotte-Central Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge and Restaurant complex was completed.

Photograph June 2003: Phil Edwards
By the latter 2010s, the site had been cleared of buildings and only the Motor Lodge Complex across the street remained.
Google 3d view captured July 8, 2018

Advertisement April 5, 1964: Robby Delius

Postcard circa 1950s: Kummerlowe
Charlotte-East, North Carolina -- 3314 E. Independance Blvd

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