Photograph April 1, 2007
Carlisle, Pennsylvania -- 1255 Harrisburg Pike

Opened in 1963, Carlisle was a classic Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge and restaurant complex. Located not far from the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Carlisle interchange and along I-81, the complex was assured of a steady stream of hungry and weary travellers. The 96 room Motor Lodge lasted an astounding 34 years as a HoJo's!

Above: Incredibly east bound travellers on the Turnpike could still spot a tattered billboard remnant in 2007 advertising the Carlisle Motor Lodge even though the site had given up its once famous brand name some ten years earlier.

Postcard views circa 1960s-1970s

Photographs June, 2005 courtesy of Brian Florence (http://www.deadmalls.com)

Unfortunately the property lost its signature Gate Lodge which was replaced by the ungainly office/lobby building seen above. Nonetheless even as the Motor Lodge was converted into a Quality Inn, the site's guest buildings retained the look and general feel of a Howard Johnson's.

Below and Lower: Note the unusually original placement of the HVAC units midway up the guest room walls.

Photograph 2002 courtesy of Bob Venditti
Photographs April 1, 2007
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