Photograph 2003: Courtesy of Phil Edwards
Photo courtesy of Bob Venditti
As Motor Lodge's went, Mercer was relatively average in size boasting 102 guest rooms. It featured two fully standard two-story guest buildings lined up behind the Mansard lobby. A connector between the two sections came to serve as access to the swimming pool area.

Above & Left: Worth a trip, Mercer's Simple Simon and the Pieman Restaurant weathervane was rescued and proudly installed atop a gazebo which is visible for all to see as it faces the Interstate and U.S.19.
Photographs 2005: Courtesy of Bob Venditti

Exceptionally well-preserved as recently as the middle 2000s, the Mercer complex served as one the last examples of its type. It became a rare well-maintained classic circa 1970s Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge. Hopefully Cendant/Wyndham will allow its continuance as a Howard Johnson and not place unreasonable demands on its owners that will force the site to lose its remarkable character.

Update: Mercer ceased being a Howard Johnson in 2007


Right: The thrice recycled sign continued to display the Howard Johnson name. Perhaps the complex's somewhat isolated site in western PA protected it from Cendant's minions! (mouse over the sign for a night view)

Below: Somehow the Motor Lodge was able to retain a bit of its original Orange despite Cendant's 1996 edict to remove the color or lose the franchise!