Brochure circa 1960s: Larry Passaro
Titusville -- 1829 Riverside Dr (@ U.S. Hwy. 1)


Opened in the winter of 1963, Titusville was built immediately on Indian River with a view of Cape Canaveral's launch sites. They were exciting times, for we were in the midst of racing the Soviets to meet President Kennedy's call to put a man on the moon before the end of the 1960s. Howard Johnson's was there, having aligned its image with all that was new and modern--the future was then!

Photographs April 1, 2005: Kummerlowe
Above & Below: Original "early style drops" were still in the Gatelodge!
Postcard circa 1960s: Kummerlowe
Property directory 1966: Larry Passaro
Photograph 2000: Kummerlowe

Photograph October 2003: Phil Edwards

Photograph April 1, 2005: Kummerlowe
Photographs April 2003: Kummerlowe
Photograph January 2005: Bob Venditti

Photograph October 2003: Phil Edwards

Photograph April 2003: Kummerlowe
Photo 10-2003: Phil Edwards
Photograph April 16, 2016: Kummerlowe

The Space Race
We had vision and a mission--it was all about the future. That future was reflected in the architecture and operation of Howard Johnson's. Neat, precise and controlled quality, chaos was kept at bay--HJ had its way and purpose that managed to keep in lock step with popular sentiment throughout the 1960s.

Above: Part of Launch Complex 39 where Saturn Vs were lifted off is visible across Indian River from the Titusville HoJo's. Note that my photograph was taken from an observation platform at the Spaceport.

Postcard circa 1970s: Kummerlowe
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