Horne's in North Carolina:
Please note that locations listed are from Horne's directories and other sources.

Ad 5-4-62: Robby Delius
Right: Interestingly the restaurant lured away a Howard Johnson's manager and proudly advertised it in the local newspaper!
Aberdeen -- U.S. 1
Opened in 1962, the Aberdeen location reportedly no longer stands.
Ad 10-4-62: Robby Delius

Photo 2003: Christen Christian
-- U.S. 17

Dating from the 1960s, Wilmington's Horne's was built along a now bypassed section of U. S. 17. Just across the Cape Fear River from Wilmington proper, the site was near Bellville and may have been listed as 'Leland' in some early Horne's directories.

Prior to U.S. 17's four-lane realignment and new bridge across the river, the Horne's and its neighboring roadside businesses were located in an ideal site catering to the many travelers passing through the area. However after the new section of roadway was opened, they were bypassed and relegated to a dead end. Nonetheless for a number of years the former Horne's operated successfully as the Cookery. But by the middle 2000s it too had closed. Remarkable the site was "cleaned up" and used as the setting for an Old Navy Commercial!

Left: Captured by Stefani Greene after it had been cleaned up, the former Horne's sign recycled by the Cookery still stood.
Below: Incredibly intact, the Circus Grill retained its colorful panels, awning, and even one of its fanciful clown decorations!
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Photos 2000s: Phil Edwards
Charlotte -- address unknown
A modern 1960s location with steeply pitched roof, the building seen here might be the one at Charlotte's motor lodge.

Photo 10-2006: Robby Delius
Pleasant Hill -- U.S. 301
Bricked in by the 2000s, the former Horne's probably built in the early 1950s was replaced by the modern circa 1960s Roanoke Rapids-Weldon motor lodge and restaurant complex that was opened along I-95 not long after U.S. 301 was bypassed. However the site might have lingered on even after I-95 was opened and could have been renamed "Weldon."

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