Postcard circa 1980s: Kummerlowe
Rolla, Missouri 
-- I-44 @ U.S. 66


Rolla's original plans called for it to have been opened in 1966, but that did not come to pass. Rather the complex was delayed and did not open until August of 1968. It was a classic highway style Motor Lodge and Restaurant featuring a Nims-type and signature A-frame Gate lodge. It was dubbed a "Concept '68" Motor Lodge and Restaurant facility by the Company, but records have not surfaced to indicate what concept '68 represented.

According to correspondence from Sarah Klingbeil during the 1990s received by HoJo enthusiast John Korolow, the complex was franchised to Sarah and her husband Richard Klingbeil in exchange for the Columbia Motor Lodge and Restaurant which they has begun in 1955 and the Company took over in 1968. The Klingbeil's were loyal and careful stewards of the Howard Johnson's brand and concept from 1955 until their retirement in 1991.

Right: Rolla was a complete complex offering travelers the convenience of gas, food, and lodging all in one stop.
Below: Rolla's Restaurant employees were pictured at about the time of its August 1968 opening--the Johnson Girls were decked out in their Dior inspired uniforms!
Postcard circa 1970s: Kummerlowe
Howard Johnson's Landmark: November 12, 1968. page 5.
Photos 5-1997: Al Coleman
Photographs 2003: Scott Sargent
Above & Higher: Scott Sargent observed that the once sleek cupola looked to have had a bout with the Jivaro of Southern Ecuador (head shrinkers) and lost!
Above: Original circa 1968 Howard Johnson's patio/balcony chairs!
Below: Following a day on the road, HoJo's enthusiast Al Coleman took a respite on his room's patio where he enjoyed a cool and refreshing beverage which was served in his then recently acquired Rte. 66 souvenir mug! Mr. Coleman recalled that his room for the night included a voucher for a free breakfast in the site's former HoJo's Restaurant.
Photograph May 1997: Al Coleman

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