Postcards circa 1960s-'70s: Kummerlowe
Burlington, VT -- 5 Dorset St

Burlington's Howard Johnson's Restaurant and Motor Lodge complex was opened in 1962-63, and was well sited just off of I-89 on a choice piece of real estate at the corner of Dorset and Williston. Later, South Burlington's University Mall was built adjacent to the HoJo's site.


The Motor Lodge was constructed with only an outdoor pool, but with the short warm season in Vermont, an indoor pool was added by the early 1970's.

By 2015 the original outdoor swimming pool became the only surviving remnant of the Motor Lodge.

Uncredited Internet image circa 2001
Postcard circa 1960s: Kummerlowe
Photograph August 2000: Rita Myers

Two weeks after the above photograph was taken the building behind the Gate Lodge was completed. The Gate Lodge was then demolished, and the property was renamed University Inn and Suites.

By the middle 2010s the site had been subdivided and all of the original Motor Lodge was demolished. The building below became a Comfort Inn and newer construction not shown became a Hilton Garden Inn.

Photographs May 28, 2005: Phil Edwards
Photograph circa 1990s: Anonymous contributor

The photograph above was taken only a week before the Restaurant was converted into a Friendly's. The entrance arch was added in the early 1990's while the restaurant was still a Howard Johnson's. FAI introduced the arch in March, 1990 when it renovated the Canton, Mass. location. The arch motif was also employed at the following Restaurants: Lexington-North, Blvd of the Allies, and St. Pete Beach.

By 2015 friendly's no longer operated in the former Howard Johnson's and the Restaurant on its prime parcel of commercial real estate was vacant...
Photo 8/2000: Rita Myers
Photos 10/2002: Phil Edwards
Photographs May 28, 2005: Phil Edwards

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