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 Photographs 2005 courtesy of Brian Florence

 Lake Placid, New York
Saranac Ave


Not original to the Howard Johnson's restaurant concept, Lake Placid's food bar "room" was added in 1990. Since the Restaurant is no longer part of any chain and is local in nature, it is free to experiment with new promotions and non-traditional HoJo's foods.


 Even as the Restaurant no longer resembles a Howard Johnson's and serves many non-original HoJo's foods, it's owners appeal to the nostalgic value of the once great name. Brian's shot above shows the current menu cover (2005).


 It is perhaps ironic that Lake Placid, the least authentic looking of the last five Howard Johnson's, would make the greatest appeal to the Company's storied past by framing old menus and advertisements placing them strategically throughout the Restaurant.



 Photographs May, 2005 courtesy of Steven LJ Russo

 Mr Russo was able to view the above menus that had all been used over the years at Lake Placid.

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